Travel Trailers with King Bed Slide Out Plan

Travel trailers with king bed slide out – The cost of a new caravan can put it out of reach, but with a little effort, any closed utility trailer can be quickly and easily converted into a caravan. And to make things better, the conversion trailer can have considerably more accommodation. Platform beds can be placed on top of shelves and drawers to create storage space, placed on pedestals to achieve a certain height or built with short legs to achieve both goals. Plans for a standard marriage mattress can be used for a California king simply by changing dimensions of the wood.  Measure and mark a point on the floor of the trailer 4 feet from the entrance wall of the rear door and 4 feet from the side wall.

Travel trailers with king bed slide out, place a rectangle with the 80-inch beams as the sides and two 73-inch beams, located inside the 80-inch beams, as the top and bottom edges. All beams should rest on narrow sides wide. Fix the rectangle shape with two screws per corner, drilling the screws through the face of an 80-inch beam and at the end of a 73-inch beam. Adjust the remaining four 73-inch beams within the rectangular frame to form the ribs. These beams, also provided on their narrow sides, must be aligned parallel to the other beams 73 inches and spaced approximately 15 inches from each other and the frame terminated.

Travel trailers with king bed slide out, screw the four beams into place as the original frame did, using two screws per joint point. Place the sheet of plywood on the top of the frame so that the edges of the sheet are flush with the edges of the frame. Screw the sheet of plywood into place with one screw per corner, punched through the plywood and into the joists. Drill an additional screw in the center of each short side and two screws, spaced evenly, on each long side. Sand the flat surface of the plywood and the outer face of the rectangular frame. Installation of the drawers in each opening following the manufacturer’s instructions for installing slides. Apply trim to the corners of the outer corners and install wheels to the four lower corners. Attach drawer front panels to the foot section of the bed.

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